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Parent /School Compact

Talbott Elementary School

2012 - 2013   Parent/School Compact


The staff, parents/guardians, and students of Talbott Elementary School hold high expectations for everyone and accept shared responsibility for student learning, high achievement, communication, and positive self-development. To accomplish this, we agree to form a partnership to help our children achieve the State’s high standards by doing the following:


As Talbott Elementary School staff and faculty, we will:

-          Provide challenging, high quality curriculum and instruction that is individualized to meet student needs

-          Give families numerous timely reports on student progress and reports on the school’s overall performance

-          Be accessible to parents/guardians and respond to their questions and concerns in a timely manner

-          Set and enforce firm and fair safety, discipline, bullying, and drug/alcohol policies

-          Provide a warm, safe and caring environment conducive to learning

-          Welcome the help of parents in the school

-          Display respect for all

-          Read, understood, and will abide with the Student/Family Handbook


As parents/guardians, we will:

-          Send children to school each day on time, appropriately dressed, and prepared to learn

-          Monitor and supervise progress, completion of homework, and the amount of TV watching

-          Provide a quiet, well lighted place for my child to do his/her homework and see that it is returned to school

-          Read at home together or encourage students to read at least 15 minutes a day

-          Be champions of the school, expressing public support for programs and teachers

-          Attend at least one parent-teacher conference and PTO meeting

-          Support the school in its effort to maintain good discipline and a safe environment for learning

-          Volunteer in my child’s classroom when needed

-          Participate on advisory committees when requested

-          Read, understood, and will abide with the Student/Family Handbook


As a student of Talbott Elementary School, I will:

-          Attend school regularly, ready to learn and with homework completed

-          Talk to my family about problems and progress in school

-          Seek assistance from my teacher when there are problems with schoolwork

-          Follow discipline, safety, and all other school policies, including Bullying.

-          Treat adults and other students with fairness and respect

-          Read, understood, and will abide with the Student/Family Handbook


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