Subjects Taught


Ms. Karen holds a Master of Science degree in Clinical Mental Health and an Education Specialist degree in Professional School counseling from Carson Newman University. Ms. Karen also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Tennessee. 


Ms. Karen has interned at high school, middle and elementary level in professional school counseling. Additionally, she has experience with in home counseling, family counseling and substance abuse counseling.


Talbott Elementary School Meet Your School Counselor Ms. Karen 

A little  about me:

  • I love to swim and run. I also love to spend time with friends and family. Last but not least I love to play with my dog (Ringo) and my cat (Maximus). I am a big animal lover. I also love to read. 

How I can help your child:

  • First and foremost, I can help your child to become a problem solver. This way your child can develop the ability to solve his/her problems on his/her own.

Example of topics I can help with:

  • Time management, getting organized, skill develop to be a successful student, dealing with emotions, social skills, character education, making health choices, being a good listener and expressing feelings.

*  Please be aware I cannot provide long-term counseling for serious mental illness or other issues that need long term counseling.

 I provide help for students in the following formats:

  • Individual Counseling, Small group Counseling and Classroom lessons

Where can you find me?

My office is located in the library.

How can your child see me?

  • Leaving me a note
  • Your child can tell his/her teacher
  • You can tell me
  • You can fill out a referral under links on the school counseling home page 

American School Counselor Role:(click on the link below for the ASCA statement)