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Volunteer Training
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Tuesday, August 21, 2018
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If you can give an hour or more of your time each week to help the youth of our community...

If you take great pride in our public schools...

If you are looking for a truly rewarding experience...

Come back to school as a Talbott Elementary Volunteer!

Volunteer Guidelines

Thank you for volunteering at Talbott Elementary School.  We know that your time is very valuable, and we sincerely appreciate your being here for our teachers, staff, and especially our students.  The following is a list of volunteer guidelines that we hope will be of help to you.

Check-in and Check-out

For the safety and security of all Talbott students, volunteers and visitors are required to check in at the office when they enter the building and wear a visitor of volunteer tag in a visible area for the duration of your visit.  Volunteers are asked to sign in the Visitors Sign-In Log located on the counter in the front office.  Please also remember to sign out before you leave the building.


Teachers or other staff members are those with the primary responsibility for maintaining student discipline and determining instructional programs.  When you are assisting, you will be asked to maintain proper student behavior.  Please refer any repeated difficulties to a staff member.


If you are scheduled to volunteer in a classroom or at a Talbott PTO event and you are not feeling well, please do not try to keep up with your volunteer duties.  Call the school or the PTO event coordinator as soon as possible.

Time in the Classroom

Classroom teachers come to depend on parent volunteers.  If a teacher has scheduled you to volunteer on certain days and times throughout the week, please keep to the schedule, and honor you commitments.  Don't overload yourself.  Please be dependable when you sign up to volunteer.


Please respect the rights of staff and students.  All information at school is confidential.  At no time should parent volunteers discuss other students or staff members.  Respect the confidentiality of students' abilities and behavior.  What occurs in the classroom should not be discussed elsewhere.

Your Children

Please do not use volunteer time in the building to visit your child or have a conference about your child.  If you need a conference with your child's teacher, please set up an appointment.  For the safety of all, please do not bring small children in when volunteering, unless prior arrangements have been made.

School Safety

For the safety and protection of our students, only volunteers who complete the certification class will be allowed to work directly with our students.  Volunteer Training certification Class attendees must agree to a background check that will be completed by Jefferson County Schools Central Office personnel.


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