School Counseling
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TES School Counseling Program

Ms.Karen and her dog Ringo
Ms.Karen and her dog Ringo

Hi! I am Ms.Karen ,the professional school counselor at Talbott Elementary. Welcome to our school's Counseling Page! Where you will find helpful information about the school counseling program at TES.  Please take a look at the links section. 

This year Ms.Karen will focus on character education! 

  • August/September- Respect 
  • October/November- Caring and Kindness 
  • December- Citizenship 
  • January-Responsibility 
  • February/March- Trustworthiness 
  • April/May- Fairness


The Professional School Counselor at Talbott Elementary believes:

  • All students can be successful at meeting the high standards that are conducive to future college and career success.
  • Achievement is highest when students take part in a comprehensive school counseling program.
  • All students have the right to equal access of all counseling services. 

The Talbott Elementary School Counseling Program should:

  • Advocate for all students along side with principles and teachers.

  • Help meet students developmental needs in social\emotional, academic and college\career readiness domains.

  • Look at data that helps the Counselor to define student and school needs.

  • All students needs should be met by the use of data driven and evidence-based interventions.

The Professional School Counselor at Talbott Elementary will:

  •  Be a leader.
  • Build positive relationships with students. Help students to identify their strengths and understand how to use them in order to reach personal, academic and career goals.
  • Collaborate with all educational stakeholders in order to plan, manage, deliver and evaluate a successful comprehensive program.
  • Apply American School Counselor Association Ethical Standards.  

TES School Counseling Visions Statement:

  • The students at TES are high-achievers that leave TES ready to be successful in the pursuit of post-secondary education and careers. All students will participate in the comprehensive school counseling program that utilizes evidence based practices and data analysis. Each student will develop the ability to own all the elements of ones academic, behavior and emotional functioning in and out of the classroom. All stakeholders (for example: parents and educators) will participate in a school culture that is positive in nature. A positive culture promotes the following; trust , empathy,respect and value.

TES School Counseling Mission Statement:

  • The mission of the comprehensive school counseling program at TES is to help facilitate the ability of the educators to meet the academic, social\emotional and physiological needs of all student by providing an environment that is conducive to learning and succeeding at becoming productive citizens of the 21st century. The counseling program seeks to help all student develop emotional regulation and problem solving skills in order to guide students to doing their personal best.