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 Success for Everyone, Every day!

 Look under Library or Teacher and Parent internet resources for links to children's educational pages.  Great resources!

Candy Sale!

Sept. 11 - 28

Sell a box for prizes! 




School Events
•  Candy Sale
•  College and Career Motivation Week
•  My Future is Bright - Wear Neon Clothing and/or Sunglasses
•  College Day - Wear college attire or colors
•  Dreaming Over the Rainbow - Each grade wears a designated color: Red PreK, Orange Kindergarten, Yellow 1st, Green 2nd, Light Blue 3rd, Dark Blue 4th, Purple 5th
Volunteer Training
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If you can give an hour or more of your time each week to help the youth of our community... If you take great pride in our...

We are collecting these different items so that our school can earn some extra money and supplies.  Please help us by sending...
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Please donate
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 ESEA Waiver.    
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